Sewing An Easy Wide Brimmed Sun Hat

UV rays damage your skin and a sun hat is a fashionable way of preventing that. And it is very easy to make one yourself!

Maybe you have noticed the wide brimmed sun hat I was wearing at my last post - where I shared my first The Orla Dress with you. I just took the opportunity to get two selfmade items into my camera at one shoot.

Being naturally pale makes me prone to sunburn. Plus to fight my acne I use several ingredients in my skincare, that weaken my skins own defense against UV rays even more. I try to stay out of strong sunlight as much as I can and I use sunscreen every day, but sometimes I still feel the need of more protection - here comes the sun hat.
The wide brim gives me shade down most of my chest. I probably should have made photos showing that. Well, you just have to imagine the "sun part"!

How to make this wide-brimmed sun hat First, the materials needed:  A Pattern - see belowFabric: won't need much, but you'll need fabric for the outside and inter…

An Orla Affair - Sewing My First [The Orla] Dress

I have sewn my first dress and I think it turned out pretty good!

My sewing experience includes quite some refashionings of old jeans, shirts and dresses. Also two selfmade pants from several years ago, one a comfy but not-good-enough-for-going-out-so-wearing-at-home-only version and the other one I never finished, cause I realized it's gotten too tight. Too tight again trying a shirt drafted from my favourite one, but that was such a total fail I don't talk about it. And then some other things, a bag, a hat, juggling balls,...

But this time, I tried my best and I was so excited to make my own Orla Dress. Of course I needed to make some small mistakes, but overall I totally love it and I have learned so much!

The pattern
It's from French Navy and you can find it here for free!

I think the instructions are clear and not complicated. They should be enough for anyone, who has ever sewn a dress or a shirt. And probably also good enough for any beginner.
For me, who has never d…

DIY Window Curtain Screen - How To Tutorial and Tips

Everyone loves sunlight, right?

Well, if I go to the bathroom right after waking up and the bright sun dazzles me, I can't say I love it in that moment.
A solution was needed. And just then I saw this awesome tutorial from Thrift Driving on Pinterest. I immediately fell in love with her DIY Window Privacy Screen and I knew, my solution was gonna be something like that.

How to make your own DIY Window Curtain Screens
At most parts I followed the tutorial from Thrift Driving.
Here's what I made differently and tips I find useful.

Items I needed
Wood of your choice - I used cheap spruce laths with dimensions 2500 x 24 x 44 mmFabric - mine is 100% woven white cotton, just sheer enough to let the room stay bright but weaken the sunlightPaint, brushes, a pattern, scissors, ribbon band for the fabricHand saw, miter box, electric screwdriver, wood screws, metal angles for the woodTape measure, staple gun

I (don't know why) decided to make 45° miter angles - but without power tools …

DIY Refashioning: How to make a loose shirt tighter & add lace waistband

Do you also have clothes in your wardrobe you are not wearing, simply because you think they are not flattering?

I had one top like that and I changed it into one of my now favorite shirts!

This was another item in my wardrobe I loved buying but not wearing. I bought it years ago at an organic / fair fashion shop. It is made by nümph, a danish company with a strong code of conduct for them and all their suppliers.

The shirt was good fitting at my bust and designed to be loose around the belly - kind of like a babydoll. Here lies the problem: The two sections at the belly were notnthat flattering on my body and made me look slightly bigger. Now I don't like size zero and I am totally comfortable with my weight. But after getting asked several times wearing this, if I am pregnant, I stopped wearing it.

One thing is clear: This shirt was ready for a DIY Refashioning project!
I love the top part so this had to stay the way it is. My plan was to tighten the fit at the belly and add a …

DIY leggings into leg warmers / knee socks

Another very old item I bought many years ago and never wore it. These leggings are from H&M bought at that time when leggings got popular again.

But as you can see here a little bit, they are too tight at the hips for me. And please notice that I already opened the seam at the back but it still almost hurts wearing them.
I thought of different options like just making it wider at the hips or making gloves out of it. Then I chose making leg warmers as I needed thin ones.

You'll need a sewing machine for this (or do it by hand if you like) and some studs if you want to embellish them like I did.

You can either part the two legs by cutting along the middle seam or let them together for the first step. Which is cutting the length you need.
I measured my thigh high which is about 35cm from ankle to bottom of knee cap. Then I added a few cm to that to let it sit loose if I want. I didn't care about the exact length. If you do, be sure to add 0,5cm for seam allowance on the ope…

Refashioning: Knit dress goes asymmetrical

So I had this knit dress. As most of my refashioning items this too is very old, I guess I bought it about 5 or 6 years ago. Loved wearing it to work with tights and nice boots or heels, but since I started studying I never wore it again. I realized I hate the collar. It feels like a turtleneck and I didn't like the look of it. 

It was on my refashioning stash for quite some time and I looked at it very often but never saw what I wanted to change. Last week I tried again and finally got some thoughts of what it should become.

First I removed the small belt loops it had at the sides waist high. I didn't need them anymore.

This was the easy part, haha.  I quickly decided I just want a normal round collar. So I only had to tuck the fabric into the hole for the head and pin it, followed then by the hard part: the sewing. 

Have you sewn a knit fabric? I haven't, all my experience in sewing was with woven fabrics. Until this delightful project came up. Now I have a normal sewin…